Literacy/Reading Initiative

Today’s Readers are Tomorrow’s Leaders. Reading helps people feel self-empowered and explore their imagination in ways they never could have before. It’s a vital tool in developing a generation of humans that are capable of making change and addressing the world's biggest problems. However, many of those incarcerated are unable to access reading materials and receive the benefits they can provide.


We (Soho Youth Club) teamed up with Books Beyond Bars to help donate a plethora of books to incarcerated New Yorkers. Books Beyond Bars is a non-profit organization that offers incarcerated New Yorkers books to increase their access to information and offer resources for their eventual reintegration into society. For every 1 item sold from our Reading collection, 1 book was donated to an incarcerated New Yorker. 


Through this initiative, we were able to donate over 100 books and directly impact over 100 incarcerated New Yorkers. We are proud to help bring to them the benefits reading can provide.