Tie-Dye Workshop

Whether financial, personal, social, or otherwise, we all found ourselves deeply impacted by the consequences of coronavirus. To help cope with and combat these changes, many people established different outlets to enjoy themselves and pass the time.
For the Soho Youth Club team, garment dyeing quickly became one of our favorite ways to cope since the process is both stress relieving and attention-demanding. While dyeing, we were able to take a step back and isolate ourselves from our hectic surroundings. The process has allowed us to escape our day-to-day activities, albeit temporarily.
Being a child in these times has been more confusing than ever, with both a lack of certainty and direction regarding the future. Engulfed with the dye process's therapeutic nature, we partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Oyster Bay-East Norwich (@bgcoben) at the start of August 2020 to run a workshop activity for their members. This event gave us the unique opportunity to guide these children through the steps of the dyeing process, emphasizing the opportunity to escape the stress of everyday life during an anxiety-ridden pandemic.