Mental Health Awareness

In celebration of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Month, we launched an initiative focused on breaking the mental health stigma in sports. We partnered with Athletes Connected, Circle of M Foundation, Dream the Impossible, and Wise Up in order to maximize our efforts. We released a specially designed item for each of our partners, and 100% of profits from sales were directed back to their respective organization.

To promote this initiative, we collected short videos from a variety of collegiate and professional athletes. These athletes shared their personal experiences battling mental health, why mental health is so important, and words of encouragement for those who may be struggling.

Duncan Robinson  Mo Wagner Part 1  Mo Wagner Part 2  Mo Wagner Part 3
Isaiah Livers   Ben St Juste   Teona Velehorschi   Naz Hillmon  Marcus Smith II 
Ronald Blair Part 1  Ronald Blair Part 2  Ronald Blair Part 3  Tyler Motte 
Darren McCarty  Deatrich Wise  Josh Butler  Jamal Agnew

We brought all of our partners together to host an open conversation surrounding mental health and its implications in sports. Click here to listen to our full conversation.