Mental Health Playlists

By Michaela Udell

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Soho Youth Club presents two new playlists “Soho Youth Club Blues” and “Soho Youth Club Good Vibes” for your leisure. These are available on Apple Music and Spotify, each perfectly curated to heighten your diverse moods. SYC Blues is a collection of songs to plunge you in your feels. Being sad is part of being human, and we believe you shouldn’t bottle up these emotions. Instead, give our playlist a listen and have a good cry if you need it. It is important to acknowledge your emotions, and let yourself feel the way that you do. This is a crucial part of having good mental health. On the other hand, SYC Good Vibes is an upbeat, happy playlist for you this summer. It’s perfect for blasting on a beach day or for taking a long drive with your friends/family. These songs are crafted to make you feel happy, and are perfect for any occasion. Enjoy!