Why Today’s Youth is More Valuable Than Ever

By Jordyn Axelrod
As humans, we innately crave originality. It is in our nature to want the latest iPhone, the newest sweatsuit, or a custom pair of Jordans that only we can call our own. Both creators and consumers are constantly searching for innovative ideas and emerging trends, whether they realize it or not. In recent years, and especially during COVID, major companies and brands have turned to Gen Z for fresh perspectives. Due to social media, networking, and a wide array of opportunity in our digital blue light world, the youth of today have become increasingly more valued and respected.
It feels like everywhere I look, I am being spoon-fed young success stories. The fourteen year old who just made millions off his pitch on Shark Tank. The ninth grader who blew up on TikTok and is now selling her handmade bracelets across the country. The twenty-something who is designing her own fabric brand and importing textiles from all over the world. It’s unbelievable. Never has there been a time where so many young people are so easily able to pursue entrepreneurship and become massively successful. 
It wasn’t always like this. In the past, we did not have the same opportunities to act so fast on our ideas. We often forget that social media used to simply be for fun – a place for us to connect, share our lives, and post silly selfies. Today, you can’t scroll through Instagram without dozens of ads, and you can go viral on TikTok in a matter of minutes. For better or for worse, business, consumption, and competition have infiltrated our virtual lives. 
While this can be overwhelming and come with great pressure, it also comes with great potential. You no longer need to be “well connected” or “well educated” to get your name or idea out there... all you need is a smartphone. Similarly, you no longer need to be an adult to grab somebody's attention or gain one's respect. Now more than ever, actually, associates and executives want young creators and thinkers on their team. It is brands like Soho Youth Club that shed light on the future’s entrepreneurs, and give kids a chance to live out their dreams. Invest in the youth.