The Importance of Random Acts of Kindness

By Micaela Udell
Effortless deeds such as complimenting someone’s outfit or holding the door open can make someone else’s day. Random acts of kindness are crucial to promoting gratitude and compassion onto others, in hopes that they will also be kind to others as a result.
Acts of solicitude have been proven to ameliorate your mood, whether you are the one doing the kind gesture or receiving it. Completing selfless acts onto others can create a sense of interconnectedness with others, while also increasing positivity and happiness. While it may be a way to give yourself “good karma,” it also lifts someone else’s spirits. It is important to be reminded how pivotal it is to be kind. Research reinforces the idea that random acts of kindness can reduce stress, improve emotional well-being, and benefit mental health.
Soho Youth Club created our own Tik Tok to show the world how easy it is to make a stranger’s day. We started our own chain reaction of random acts of kindness at a McDonald’s Drive Thru. We paid for the meal that the car behind them ordered, as a small gesture to make that stranger happy. This deed created a ripple effect, as that car paid for the meal of the car behind him on line. This goes to show that treating others with kindness allows them to express this same compassion onto others.
In dark times resulting from the pandemic, it is crucial now more than ever to do the little things to improve someone else’s day. Simple gestures like telling someone you are proud of them or making a small donation to a charity can make someone else’s day, while also brightening yours.
Soho Youth Club encourages you to push yourself to do one random act of kindness onto someone at least once a day! Go out of your way to be kind to others, and see for yourself how rewarding the results truly are.