Introducing Soho Youth Club Essentials

By Micaela Udell

Soho Youth Club is excited to announce our brand new release. We are dropping two matching sweatsuits available in both black and white. These matching sets will feature the original SYC logo in three shades of blue, as you might recognize from our Instagram profile picture. Our essentials sets are simple, comfy, and stylish, and are unlike our previous drops. These four items will be available for sale via the SYC website indefinitely, until the next collection of essentials is released. We are releasing these basic essentials items every few months, in order to give supporters a chance to purchase our basic products at their leisure. As for normal SYC drops, they will remain in the same manner. Each traditional release will go hand-in-hand with a philanthropic initiative, and profits from clothing sales will be used to fund those initiatives. Orders are available for a limited time and once the window closes, they will never be for sale again. We have an additional upcoming release launching soon for May’s Mental Health Awareness Month, so be sure to stay on the lookout!