Hopelessly Yellow

By Abigail Peacock

If you’re a student at The University of Michigan, you’ve probably seen the handle @hopelesslyellow pop up on your Instagram feed. For those of you who may have wondered what it’s all about, Hopelessly Yellow is a new club on Michigan’s campus that promotes mental health and spreads positivity through writing, music, and art. Hopelesslyellow.com includes an array of personal stories, articles, and themed music playlists all written, composed, and designed by U of M students. Because it is mental health awareness month, I wanted to explore the behind the scenes of the club, discover what makes Hopelessly Yellow so magical, and learn exactly why so many students are drawn to it. 

I recently spoke with the three freshman students who started it all: Melody Leibner, Jordyn Axelrod, and Ryan Hammel. President of Creative and Design Jordyn Axelrod “felt inclined to start Hopelessly Yellow because [she] craved more good energy.” Early in the first semester, the three friends went looking through Maize Pages on a slow Wednesday night in search of an uplifting club to join. After hours of scrolling, it was clear that most student organizations felt hyper focused on one individual area - whether it was fashion, food, business, or current events. Leibner, Axelrod, and Hammel wanted to find a platform where they could express themselves, look for inspiration, and inspire others. In the midst of a difficult and restricting pandemic, they wanted and needed that bright light. When they couldn’t quite find it, they got to work to build it themselves. Inspired by the happy hue, Hopelessly Yellow was born. 

My favorite part about Hopelessly Yellow is that everyone has a different idea of what it means to them. In the words of editor-in-chief Melody Leibner, “Hopelessly Yellow is a community of creators striving to highlight happiness and positivity, while de-stigmatizing mental health.” Ryan Hammel, also editor-in-chief, believes that “Hopelessly Yellow allows us to acknowledge the adversities that we naturally encounter in life, but encourages a more optimistic, confident, and hopeful attitude and outlook.”

To me, Hopelessly Yellow is an intangible entity: the idea that the little things in life are what make it worth living, and the community of creators who strive to share that with the world. After accepting my editor position back in February, I have read and retouched dozens of articles, listened to many playlists, and admired the art and graphics posted on Instagram. I am grateful to Leibner, Axelrod, and Hammel for bringing their idea to life, and am amazed with the talent and passion of everyone involved. 

Hopelessly Yellow is a space for growth, an opportunity for self-reflection, and a beacon of light at the University of Michigan. The club went from three members to over fifty members, and gained over 600 followers in the span of two months. In an unprecedented time of separation and isolation, it only makes sense how many people resonate with our mission. Hopelessly Yellow is more than a club - it is a network of support for members and readers alike. 

Visit hopelesslyellow.com, @hopelesslyellow on Instagram, and Hopelessly Yellow on Spotify.