10 Things One Can Do Each Day to Improve Mental Health

By Micaela Udell

With the chaos of our daily lives, meetings, social lives and work can put a strain on your mental health. Here are some steps you should take every day to improve your mental health, to live a happier and healthier life.

  1. Meditate/ Mindfulness - While it does not have to be a traditional type of meditation, taking a few minutes out of your day to disconnect from your electronic devices and demanding tasks can help you unwind. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and thinking about the things you're thankful for.
  2. JournalingInvesting in a small personal journal can be helpful when you’re stressed. It is responsible to list all the things you need to do for the day when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, releasing your feelings when upset can help lift a weight off of your shoulders. Setting goals for yourself in this journal is also beneficial.
  3. Focus on one thing at a timeWhen there seems to be too many things to do with so little time, it is crucial to focus on one thing at once. Trying to do each task at the same time is stressful. Take each assignment on its own and work through it at your own pace.
  4. Listen to musicPlaying your favorite songs in the car or before doing work can improve your mood. I tend to listen to music during most of my day, and it has helped improve my mood overall.
  5. Go outsideIf you have a backyard or balcony, standing in the fresh air and sun can improve your mood. Vitamin C is crucial for happiness, and even having the sun shine on your face for ten minutes can turn your day around.
  6. ExerciseAs obvious as this may be, exercising for at least 60 minutes a day is healthy and can improve your mental state as well.
  7. Do a Random Act of KindnessDoing one nice thing for someone else can improve your mental health, and improve someone else's day. This act can be as small as holding the door open for someone, but these actions are important for better moods.
  8. Surround Yourself with Loved OnesSurrounding yourself with good influences like your friends and family can boost your mood and mental state. Even calling a friend to talk for a few minutes can make your day better.
  9. Don’t Photograph EverythingLiving in the present moment is important when improving mental health. Worrying about an Instagram picture or Snapchat story is an unnecessary strain on your life. Stopping to smell the roses may sound cliche, but it is more important than you might think.
  10. Eat a Good MealEating your favorite foods is an instant way to feel better. Having a healthy snack can uplift any bad mood, and help one’s mental health overall.